Anatomy & Aftercare Theory

  • The Relevant Anatomy & Aftercare Theory course is an 8-hour practical in-depth study of different aspects of human anatomy that are specifically relevant to traditional tattooing, sildenafil buy viagra cosmetic tattooing and body piercing. The course addresses troubleshooting and assessment skills and objective product reviews in addition to the following:

    • All of the major systems involved in procedures, viagra sales health including vascular, muscular, nervous and lymphatic systems
    • Appropriate skin preparation (pre-procedure)
    • Appropriate aftercare (post-procedure)
    • All basic piercing locations, rx including genital and oral as well as common “surface” piercings and nontraditional piercing locations
    • Appropriate placement and assessment (tattoo & piercing) and potential for complications

    Includes: All instructional and reference materials and a certificate of completion.

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