Health Educators

  • Since 1999, viagra sales prostate  Health Educators, Inc has brought knowledge and understanding to tattoo artists, medicine body piercers,
    permanent cosmetics, and even health inspectors, all over the world! Health Educators present classes
    specifically designed for practitioners of the modification industry.

    Our mission:
    * Offer services designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s modification professional.
    * Provide modern, there practical, relevant education and delivering accurate, cutting edge information.
    * Provide expert solutions to assist in managing the increasingly complicated and complex issues
    involved in today’s public health industry.

    We Offer Classes for the Modification Professional:
    Bloodborne Pathogens
    The Principles of Infection Control
    Relevant Anatomy & Aftercare
    Wound Care and Anatomy of the skin
    Sterilization From Start to Finish

    Services for the Modification Professional:
    Adult First Aid and CPR
    Owners Workshop
    Studio Design & Evaluation
    Advanced Piercing Workshop

    Services for the Health Care Professionals:
    Health Inspectors Workshop
    Dealing with Modifications in Emergency Situations
    Health Department Counseling Services